About Us


A small group guys with a common love of all things music and a passion for style and technology.

Basically we make things better (at least in our not so humble opinion :-) 

We started out customizing our own gear and then realized "Hey this could turn into something big !"

2 years later and we have sold to customers worldwide.  Customizations and now retail sales are only the beginning.

We are constantly evolving and looking to bring you unique products and ideas from our team and design partners.

While we will always focus on the best audio tools and custom work, we also provide unique lifestyle products geared

toward the professional/hobbyist musician's studio and home. 

We sell what we use period ! (sometimes we sell what we like too)

So to the gear-head, bedroom/basement musicians, producer, writer,  creative evil jeaneus' (genius) studio owner ....  

music, technophile , gadget loving  old school and new school  ambient dance rock hiphop pop classical, blues  funk  jazzy  

... whatever you are into give us a call, email, browse, shop we have you covered.