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We could waste your time and regurgitate technical data and "professional" mumbo jumbo but the truth is the Artist 5's are f*****g amazing !

If A7X, A8X are out of your budget or too powerful for your room, and you need multiple input options:

RCA (Cinch), XLR, a 3.5 mm mini stereo jack and onboard DAC a la USB port, then the Artist 5's fit the bill perfectly.

The Artist series are categorized as multimedia speakers desktop , home entertainment ( not sure why ) These are spec for spec A5X's with the added bonus of RCA and 3.5mm input (direct connnection of your iPod or your choice of mp3 player conveniently located at the front of each speaker/monitor, also the added feature of stereo linkable controls.

Feature rich moitors, same solid build and quality found in the Adam AX series, these are no light weights , literally and figuratively. At 15lbs each you know these were manufactured with the highest quality components.

Sonically same Adam-Audio quality that you will find in their acclaimed professional audio line.

Hey like we say "Looks do matter" and these are amazing in the gloss piano white or black finish options

Full tight low end, clear crisp(not harsh) mids and highs

If you just want to play your music at excessively loud levels with distorted boomy bass we have have some recommendations that can be found at other dealers.

If you want compact monitors that reveal the detail in your music, have a tight full low end and crisp clear highs these are for you.

We highly recommend for HipHop, EDM, Jazz ( As always we only sell what we use !)

For those that insist on the blah, blah, blah ..... the official specs can be found here