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***These panels will fit the current production run of Monomachines


- Is it possible to get the front panel in the same style like the black MD for my MnM? (It would look wonderful besides my A4 and OT = my own dark trinity! :))

Yes black is the option for the top(front panel) these panels will be anodized black

- is it difficult to change the panels, any chance of breaking any parts on the MnM?

No we will post a step by step guide but basically:

1) support the panel with palm of your hand and remove each knob with a straight pull upwards

2) remove the screws with a T10 Torx screwdriver (not Hex !!!)
Install our panel make sure that the LED's are aligned correctly through the openings in the panel, your screws and knobs

3) Start with top center screw install halfway in, check alignment of holes install bottom center halfway
in then move to corners once all screws are halfway in, completely secure the six screws in place 

What does it cost?

PRE-ORDER pricing is $150.00 the price will go up to $199.00

Why is MnM more expensive than other panels kits ?

Increased cost is due to additional work required to fabricate the LCD window to accomodate the MnM's knobs also we have upgraded the LCD window from our standard white text to 3-color matching white and red text.

Shipping ?

Our panel kits include  free shipping in the US.
International priority shipping fully insured is $45 ( we make no profit that is the actual US Post Office rate
If you want a cheaper option shipping by normal post without insurance or tracking it is available but we are not responsible once the panel is sent out

We are you guys located ?

New York/Texas 

do you ship to country "x"

Yes to most  places a  large portion of our customers are from Spain, Australia , France, South Korea, UK, Italy and Argentina to name a few some exceptions Iran and North Korea as examples (for obvious reasons)

- how long does it usually take to make a run of panels ?

This is a preorder we will have these available within 6 weeks the discounted price is an incentive and helps us to gauge how many we will need. We are a small company and do not keep large inventories we also do not guarantee that more panels will be issued once a run is completed. as has happened with our Machinedrum panel kits it may be the last.